your coffee table!

A coffee table, a bedside table, or maybe a multi-functional box table? Personalize your table so that it works best with your living room, bedroom, reading corner or children's play area.

Our tables are made of boards manufactured in our own sawmill, so that way you can buy a custom piece of furniture at a manufacturer price.
CLASSIC table top
A table top with straight, even edges
NATURE table top
A table top with naturally curved longer edge
table top
A slice of a tree trunk, irregularly shaped
table top
A slice of a tree trunk, irregularly shaped
table top
A chest lid with straight edges
1. Choose your favorite type of the table top:
Consider the best size, type of wood and color of the top
Choose the right type of legs and their color

Table top

You can choose the following options:

• wood type oak and ash have large, distinct grain that matches floors made of the same types of wood. Beech has finer grain and is the lightest wood type. More in the guide to wood types.

• table top thicknesses - im grubszy blat tym stolik nabiera bardziej rustykalnego, przemysłowego wyglądu

• wood with or without knots knots introduce a slightly rustic character, add some “roughness” and loft-like style. We can leave them open or closed. See our guide to wood knots.

• brushed or unbrushed wood brushing is another step towards a natural, raw style


We offer two protective measures for our table tops:

• two-component solvent-based varnish -dirt-, heat- and scratch-resistant . Available in four gloss types.

• wax oil - a mixture of oil and wax, which provides satin finish and a very high resistance to heat and stains. Wax oil is available in a wide range of colors.

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Explore our color range – a right color can profoundly change the appearance of your table. In addition to the natural finish of oak, beech or ash, we also offer whitening shades, which introduce gray accents to the wood and various shades of brown. The color range is the same for wood protected by wax oil and varnish.

Wood coloring presented on the example of oak:

See the guide to choosing the right wood color

range for metal legs

We can powder coat our metal legs in any color of your choice. The most frequently chosen colors are: black, white, light gray, graphite, navy blue, sage, yellow and red.

Do you want a different color? Take a look at the RAL palette and enter the number of the preferred color in your order.

Available varnish finish types: matte or satin.

Customize the table of your dreams!

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